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"My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have it. Look for it, I left all of it at that place!" Gold D. Roger
Vaults are designed to automatically harvest, sell and restake assets a user deposits into the vault, facilitating user management and optimizing yields for the holders.
Vaults benefits
  • Maximized profits over time thanks to optimizing harvest and yields reinvestments
  • Lowered gas costs given batch processing of transactions
  • Increased burning rate since fees will be used to burn PALM benefitting holders
Vaults Harvest
To incentivizes the community to increase the number of daily auto-compounds, 0.5% of the vault pending reward has been allocated for anyone who call the harvest function.
it is possible to initiate the harvest process by clicking on the "Harvest" button in the vault card.
PALM Vaults Contracts (Palm-LP)
PALM Vaults Contracts (Cake-LP)
Core Vaults Fees
Burn: 3.0% of performance fee will be used to burn PALM. Call fee: 0.5% of performance fee will be used as a reward for calling the harvest function. Operational fee: 1% of performance fee will go to platform operators
Total performance fee: 4.5 % on profits
There is an additional 0.1% withdrawal fee of which 50% will be used to burn PALM.