Yieldbay Finance

AMM launch


  • Smart contracts of Palmswap AMM exchange have already been deployed on BSC. (Check the contracts here)
  • The new swap interface will be deployed at May 27th
  • New PALM-LP farms will be added starting from May 27th
  • New PALM-LP vaults will be added right after
  • No deposit fee for all PALM-LP farms.
  • The multiplier of CAKE-LP farms will be reduced to 1/10 after all PALM-LP farms and vaults have been added.
  • All CAKE-LP farms will last for one week and then be removed


What do I need to do?
If you want to keep staking in farms, you need to migrate your CAKE-LP tokens to PALM-LP tokens
When should I migrate?
As soon as possible after each new PALM-LP farm is added. If you don't migrate your CAKE-LP, you can still stake your CAKE-LP tokens in the farms until all CAKE-LP farms are removed.
How will affect Vaults?
All the current core vaults (that are actually using CAKE-LP) will remain active until we'll publish vaults for PALM-LP. Then you'll have to migrate your LP Tokens from CAKE-LP to PALM-LP and deposit them in the new vaults.
Do I need to do anything with Palm Pool?
No, Palm Pool won’t be affected. You can still keep earning from the same Palm Pool as usual.

LP Migration

1. Move CAKE-LP Tokens to Wallet

Unstake CAKE-LP tokens from Yieldbay Farms. All PALM-LP farms will gradually be added one-by-one.
2. Remove Liquidity From PancakeSwap
3. Add Liquidity to PalmSwap
Add your liquidity to PalmSwap and receive PALM-LP tokens.
4. Stake your PALM-LP in New Farms or Vaults
Once your receive your PALM-LP, you can stake them in our new farms or vaults with zero deposit fee.