Yieldbay Finance


"It is not that life ashore is distasteful. But life at sea is better." Sir Francis Drake
Like in every harbor where you rest your sails and precious crew, in the Bay accessibility is key.
Have you ever tried to explain DeFi to your parents? Have you ever tried to let a no-coiner stake funds on an AMM? They would barely trust the gains.
But hold on pirate, we will.
Our ultimate goal is making the Bay a place where everyone can stake their funds, benefit from DeFi and participate in a vibrant and evolving community.
Do you know that global private wealth is at 200+ Trillion USD? How much of it can really benefit from the DeFi ecosystem?
Well we will see,
Right, Pirate?


Nowadays, due to increasing worldwide economic instability, banks, funds and other traditional financial institutions are widely loosening credibility, also having declining yields.
Traditional investors are increasingly willing to invest in the Crypto Ecosystem but are left behind by technological and knowledge barriers (e.g., poor understanding of crypto ecosystem, difficulty in using crypto infrastructure such as wallets, cross exchange/blockchain transactions)
The born of Defi could really be a real turning point in the financial & economic future scenario with proper explanation, customer assistance and smooth UX.

FIAT Compatibility

Since the global crypto market is less then 1% of the FIAT traditional market, the merge of these two worlds will open a new range of exciting possibilities.
Increasing accessibility and connections between Fiat and Crypto markets is an essential milestone in our roadmap, to increase our userbase and therefore volume.